Meet Our Staff

Tracee Clayton Garrett

President and CEO

Tracee Clayton Garrett is the president and CEO of Global Insight Productions, a marketing communications, web design, eCommerce company that provides customers with creative and innovative marketing concepts.  Her company is committed to delivering each project on time and within budget while providing excellent service. 

She has a diverse background as a former Stockbroker, International Marketer, Systems Analyst, and Corporate Trainer.  She left Corporate America as a Director of Sales and Marketing to pursue her longtime dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Summerlee Godbolt

Executive Marketing Director

Summer Godbolt is Global Insight Production’s Executive Marketing Director. She has experience in the areas of creating and implementing marketing strategies, delivering and exchanging ideas that have a direct value to our targeted audience. Her expertise lies in successfully conceptualizing and implementing innovative marketing initiatives—including both digital and traditional media channels—to drive market impact and expansion for companies. Summer has collaborated with Executive staff to develop digital, and print media for enhancing and promoting increased brand awareness optimized online presence and developed personal and social connections to relevant audiences.

Mark Anthony Garrett

Director of Training

Our director of training has been a professional speaker, consultant and master trainer for various businesses, associations and organizations for over 20 years. Mark is best known for his premium professionalism, high-energy programs, humor, enthusiasm and the ability to captivate audiences of all types. He is responsible for the development and implementation of all training aspects for GIP such as curriculum development, delivering training, video production and speaker/trainer coaching.

Emilyn Sator

Technology Manager

Our Technology Manager oversees the process of designing, building, and delivering our clients ecommerce stores and websites. She works closely with senior management to ensure our clients are sites are maintained and using the latest state of technology infrastructure. Ms. Sator implements quality methods and procedures on new assignments, making the overall designs and concepts easy to follow and understand. 

Michael Grooms

Digital Video Designer

 Michael is part of our amazing animated video explainer team. He helps to produce some of the most engaging and entertaining explainer video in the industry. He loves to create exciting avatars and fun-filled lively teaching tools that keeps the viewers coming back for more.

Selana Allen

Social Media Strategist

Selana is the Social Media Strategist for Global Insight Productions. On various projects, she has increased social media reaches over 50% within a 3-4 months period. She helped organizations to establish an online presence through furthering their brand awareness. By being attentive and engaging online, the companies inbound traffic also increased enough to generate direct message contact with some of its audience. Selana’s passion for social media and brand awareness through online marketing has helped organizations streamline the bottom line.